Zift’s latest eBook uncovers The 4 Cornerstones of Channel Marketing Success. In this Channel Chatter series, we’ll provide a glimpse into the eBook, which details a direct path for capturing and capitalizing on the promised benefits of Channel Marketing Automation.

Determining Your Operating Model – Don’t Go It Alone

Many organizations new to CMA get so excited about deploying new technology and saving money that they try to manage all of the tactical responsibilities of running, integrating and managing their CMA platform on their own. In a rush to do everything independently, they soon find themselves swamped by tactical responsibilities and their initiatives struggle or fail. Establishing a strong CMA platform-operating model prior to launch balances responsibilities and goes a long way toward optimizing CMA usage and return on investment.

Determining your platform operating model involves identifying support roles and responsibilities for you and your partners, but the real key is relying on the experts for help. The best CMA providers offer an array of support options tailored to your needs, from executive oversight and operational guidance to hands-on support. Take advantage of those options. Once you become comfortable and confident in managing all of the tactical responsibilities associated with launching and maintaining your new CMA platform, you can take on tasks as a reasonable rate, but trying to do everything right out of the gate is a recipe for disaster.

Align Support with Partner Expertise & Resources

Your partners will also need ongoing support based on their own varying levels of marketing expertise and available resources. Look for a CMA platform provider that can lift at least some, if not all, of this burden from your shoulders with:

  • Basic support that delivers introductory-level support and training, so all partners can get fast answers to their questions and effectively use the tools that you are providing.
  • Premium support with proactive outreach, strategic direction and hands-on guidance to optimize partners’ potential and enhance marketing efforts.
  • Concierge or managed services with direct, ongoing support and the ability to execute campaigns or complete programs on behalf of the partner. These programs pay off. Channel partners who have access to managed services benefit from 93% more new leads and 94% more active leads, according to Zift research.

You’ll maximize CMA investments and partner adoption by delivering services and direct support that aligns with channel partner needs.

The Right CMA Provider

Remember that CMA is much more of a journey than it is a destination. You’ve found the right CMA provider if they are eager and available to help you define and execute each of the 4 cornerstones of CMA success as you progress along your path:

CORNERSTONE 1) Vision & Strategy: Defining your vision and strategy from the start will avoid miscommunications and misdirection that often cause disappointment down the line.

CORNERSTONE 2) Partner Engagement: Make a plan to ensure CMA adoption and long-term partner engagement by taking time to understand and align tools with your partners’ marketing maturity and available resources.

CORNERSTONE 3) Content Development & Execution: Satisfy partner content demands by automating content delivery, providing visibility and usage tracking, including whether content is being used, ignored or misused.

CORNERSTONE 4) Platform Operating Model: Determine who will be in charge of specific strategic and tactical responsibilities prior to launch and align partner support with their marketing maturity level and available resources.

Learn more about all 4 Cornerstones of Channel Marketing Success by downloading the complete eBook: