What resources do your channel partners need to be successful?

Start by thinking about what empowers the success of your own direct sellers.

  • What information do they reference to support their sales motions?
  • What collateral is used to introduce and support new offerings?
  • What strategies and tactics are driving new wins?

You have modules in your Channel Management platform such as Education + Training and Content Library features … but what you put there makes all the difference in the world. 

You need to be super close with your sales and marketing organizations.

For example …

  • you need to know what the sales team is being enabled on this month and access the resources to repurpose.
  • You need an intimate awareness of new marketing campaigns and available digital assets.

Every area of your business needs to be funneled to your channel partners and …

Only through your initiative, internal relationships and knowledge can you know what and when to equip your partners with.

Sponsored by our partners at Brandfolder. Written by
Jeff Burak, Director of Strategic Partnerships & Resellers.