Channel Sales

You will sell to your channel partners or their distributors and they, in turn, will sell to their customers. The more they sell, the more they buy from you.


What skills should a channel sales leader have?

One of the most important qualities for any channel sales leader is enthusiasm for achieving success through leading others.

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What is the function of a channel sales representative?

They may be made available to channel partners to participate in co-sell activities, presentations, or other events.

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Should my partners be able to sell on their own? Is co-selling better?

Co-selling is the best way to teach partners how to present and sell your solutions.

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How to increase channel sales?

Start with the big total quota and break it down into smaller pieces that are easier to manage, first by region, then locality.

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How do you build your sales funnels through social selling?

Successful B2B businesses understand that buyers now lead the buying process, and sellers need to meet buyers where they are.

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How do I get partners to register leads/deals/opportunities?

Some vendors offer incentives or margin bumps. How well you can leverage this is dependent upon how high demand is for your product.

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