How do you build your sales funnels through social selling?

Successful B2B businesses understand that buyers now lead the buying process, and sellers need to meet buyers where they are. Think of how the buyers’ journey has evolved since the dawn of the new #digitalnormal. Almost 85% of C-level executives begin the sales process online, and 57% of the process is complete long before a salesperson is engaged in the process! Indeed, organizations must have high-value content readily accessible and “findable” on their websites. Equally important is positioning your sellers as thought leaders. Expert social sellers consistently share relevant information, direct buyers to your website, and become trusted advisors. Developing social selling expertise occurs through creating an optimized online persona, targeting and connecting with your ideal prospects, and, once connected, building valuable relationships. JSG’s Social Selling program can turn your team into social selling experts through boot camp participation, hands-on exercises, and one-on-one coaching.

Sponsored by our partners at JS Group, written by Vlad Krause, Director of Social Media and Analytics.