Channel Chief

The head of your channel management organization, the public face of your channel community, and your lead channel strategist.


What early signs indicate that my channel is performing well?

In the early going you want to see partners requesting assistance, MDF, scheduling training, and pursuing your CAM for meetings.

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How long will it take to see ROI in my channel program?

If your program is well-developed to incentivize and motivate partners, you will find answers in your partner's pipeline.

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How is channel partner performance measured?

This depends on the management of a channel. Some vendors will measure channel partners just by sales volume.

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How do I measure return on my channel investment?

Begin with the investment in staff to manage channel partners, which can be attributed 100% to your cost of channel.

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How do I know if my channel is successful? Not successful?

The channel becomes an extension of a vendor's sales organization and, also an extension of their delivery and deployment operation.

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