Meet ZiftONE: The All-in-ONE Channel Management Platform

  • Channel Planning & Oversight: ONE source of data and insight into every aspect of the entire channel lifecycle to power strategic decision making.
  • Partner Recruitment & Onboarding: ONE proven path to simplify management and control of the channel partner experience from the start.
  • Partner Sales & Marketing Enablement:  ONE exceptional partner experience with 360° MDF Manager, best-in-class channel marketing tools, insights, campaigns and training.
  • Channel Demand Generation: ONE place to share and track leads and keep a finger on the pulse of channel partner demand-gen.
  • Channel Engagement & Sales Execution: ONE fast path to engaging partners and getting repeatable wins.

Bridging the Gap

When it comes to channel sales and marketing, there is a growing chasm between supplier expectations and partner performance. So, what do you need to do to bridge that gap? You have to connect intelligence, insight and action. ZiftONE bridges the growing gap between supplier expectations and partner performance. No more cluttered pipelines, limited communications or lack of visibility created by disparate software solutions.

One Platform Does it All

ZiftONE fulfills the promise of Enterprise Channel Management by connecting and simplifying the complete spectrum of channel sales, marketing, and operations. With just one platform, you can easily manage and optimize your entire channel program.

Get it Together

Let’s be honest. If you are using multiple or homegrown solutions to try to manage your channel partners and program, things are probably a bit of a mess — perhaps even monstrous. It’s time to get it together. ZiftONE pulls together everything you need for channel sales, channel marketing and channel operations in one piece of channel management software. Finally, there is ONE holistic platform designed to connect channel leaders, partners, and customers — and turn their channel programs into real business growth engines.

We've Got Your Back

ZiftONE is accompanied by an array of services and support, so you can reap the highest rewards from your software, channel partners and program. And we offer channel assessments, training and strategic workshops led by our Channel Center of Excellence experts to get you started. Contact us to learn more about:

  • High-Performance Channel Marketing
  • Effective Partner Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Optimizing Customer and Partner Experience
  • Partner Account Manager Enablement

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