Supporting Veterans and Their Families


For Glen Brynteson, offering training solutions to veterans and their families is more than a job — it’s a calling. Find out how veteran nonprofit, TrainOurTroops helps veterans receive training and ultimately find jobs and in the civilian workforce.

How Technology Fuels the Mission


Workshops? Networking opportunities? Training through state of the art LMS technology found in ZiftONE?  Find out why, and how, veteran nonprofit, TrainOurTroops assists veterans and their families on their path to rewarding civilian careers — and how Zift supports them every step of the way.

Together as ONE


As a veteran himself, Sean Lardo understands the challenges that can come from transitioning from military life to a civilian career. Sean now serves as an advisory board member with TrainOurTroops, a nonprofit focused on putting more veterans within reach of civilian careers where they’ll be able to flourish. While working for Zift Solutions, Sean saw a chance to align TrainOurTroops’ mission with Zift’s technology to ultimately help more veterans and their spouses navigate to the next chapter in their careers.

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