Why are QBRs so valuable for Partners, Channel Managers, and Senior Channel Leaders?

QBRs (Quarterly Business Reviews) are the hub-of-the-wheel of any strong partnership. However, they are rarely done, executed poorly, and with lots of effort. Pre-build, automatically populated, and template-driven QBR tools are the only practical way to consistently deliver these valued partnership activities.

Why Partners Value: Partners partner because they are building a jointly developed business model to increase their success. Well-developed QBRs align joint business goals and efforts to help the partner achieve growth, capabilities, and profitability.

Why Channel Managers Value: There are simply too many tasks, metrics, and capabilities to keep track of. Well-defined QBR systems deliver across-the-board status in one unified presentation instantly and allow channel teams to focus on partner success (and not building QBR reports).

Why Senior Channel Leaders Value: QBRs also rollup to territory and regional levels to allow instant visibility into team and area performance.

Sponsored by our partners at Successful Channels. Written by Gary Morris, CEO and Founder.