How can I create a deeper engagement with my partners, and enable my partners to also engage with each other?

If you aren’t engaging regularly with your partners, it can be challenging to know what they are thinking. From product updates to feedback on the latest industry trends, if you’re not listening and regularly engaging, you are potentially missing out on a wealth of insight. 

By launching your own branded online community you can significantly enhance your channel partner program. Allow your partners to discuss your latest announcements, work collaboratively to solve customer challenges, and share ideas, content, leads, best-practice, and even fears or challenges in the market. 

Whilst delivering these benefits to your partners, you can also track how they’re feeling and whether sentiment is trending upwards in a particular vertical market, or downwards in a specific geographic territory, or whether a new product launch is being perceived strongly.

The business value of these deeper engagements with (and between) your partners is significant – but you can also enrich the quality of the relationships, increasing both trust and the integrity of your brand.

Written by Adam Jones, Chief Product Officer.

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