Partner Recruitment

The hardest and most important step in channel building that many get wrong. Careful vetting of potential partners avoids wasting precious time on those who will not perform well

Who should I be approaching first when attempting to recruit a new channel partner?

Oftentimes, successful salespeople will get an immediate ear when suggesting you.

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What does a “good” channel partner candidate look like?

Remember you're looking for. Each channel partner has sales and technical resources, and each resource has customers.

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Is it appropriate to “poach” my competitor’s partners?

Nobody has an exclusive partnership with channel partners. If they do, you're going to put more into recruiting than you need to.

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How long does it take to recruit channel partners?

Recruiting a channel partner can take as little as a day if the channel partner and vendor-partner have well-known reputations.

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How do I recruit channel partners?

One of the worst ways to recruit is open and promote the program to all comers. The best channel is hand-picked.

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How do I find good channel partners to recruit?

Look at the partner directories for other companies whose products work well with your own.

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