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As Extreme is in the business of enabling digital transformation, it was no surprise that they, along with over 200 of their channel partners, have been using the Zift platform for years. Hoping to give their channel partners an even greater edge in the marketplace, and save some time themselves, Extreme turned to an external creative agency to develop several digital campaigns.

Instead of a win for partners or Extreme, using a third-party agency turned into a time-consuming and costly undertaking. “Turn-around times on content and creative were taking much too long,” said Steve Solito, Global Channel Campaigns and Demand Generation Manager at Extreme Networks. “Plus, the outside agency wasn’t familiar with Zift, so deliverables were not always designed for use on the Zift platform, which added more time and steps to the process for us.”

“Zift Creative Services didn’t just redesign something we’d done for corporate or copy/paste our content into a design template.”

– Steve Solito, Global Channel Campaigns and Demand Generation Manager, Extreme


Extreme found the solution they needed with Zift Creative Services, which provided direct access to internal creative experts who design and deliver high-impact partner-first campaigns, including overseeing content setup and layout, developing customized digital assets and more to enable and support partners. They also know the Zift platform inside and out.

Extreme put Zift Creative Services to the test with a multi-touch campaign centered on the Internet of Things (IoT). The campaign Included a series of email touches, complete with a landing page for each email, and 50 social posts partners could use to garner attention and prospect interaction.

“Zift Creative Services didn’t just redesign something we’d done for corporate or copy/paste our content into a design template,” said Solito. “They invested the energy to really understand our solutions, our partners and end-goals, then created a dynamic campaign optimized for the Zift platform complete with communications to promote the new campaign to partners.”


While designing and deploying a campaign using external agency resources previously took close to three months, Extreme launched their first campaign using Zift Creative Services in just three weeks. “Zift Creative Services was very responsive and they delivered everything on the exact date they said they would from the start,” said Solito.

Working with digital marketing professionals who are experts on the Zift platform streamlined the entire campaign process for Extreme. “There was no back and forth with Zift Creative Services, except when absolutely necessary. So, I not only had a very high-quality, partner-first campaign built for the Zift platform, I also had more time to do my other work,” he said.

Solito is now leveraging Zift Creative Services more frequently for Extreme. “I am incredibly impressed with Zift’s ability to suggest specific strategies to enhance our campaigns on their platform. The team’s creative and tactical insight is just great. Working directly with Zift Creative Services really makes the entire channel marketing process much easier. It’s just high quality from start to finish.”

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