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Oracle Eloqua + Zift Integration

Oracle Eloqua + Zift Integration
Extend Your Oracle Eloqua Investment to Your Channel

Zift integrates seamlessly with Oracle Eloqua, as a cloud connector, so you can extend your current investment and give your channel partners the leads and info they need to close more deals — directly within the systems they already use every day.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Strengthen Connections

Empower your channel partners, improve adoption rates and enhance visibility across the sales cycle by using Zift with Oracle Eloqua to:

  • Put qualified leads and rich prospecting data into the hands of your channel partners with automated rule-based lead distribution
  • Automate lead routing to channel partners using the best approach for them, including email, the Zift123 portal or direct CRM integration
  • Tap into real-time, transparent feedback regarding lead status, including sales stage and pipeline data
  • Track and measure lead status and associated channel opportunities with detailed analytics and easy-to-use dashboards

Avoid the Hassles

Zift and Oracle Eloqua work together to avoid the headaches and hassles of manual processes and partner portals. By automating lead management and reporting, you can let go of limited pipeline visibility, lost leads, lack of follow-up and error-prone tracking and measurement. Our direct integration also means you can avoid channel disconnects caused by expensive and confusing portals channel partners rarely use. Take advantage of Zift’s ability to distribute qualified leads directly from Oracle Eloqua to your partner network complete with valuable information that provides the necessary context for follow-up. End-to-end visibility lets you see how the leads you’ve provided are converting to opportunities. Plus, you and your partners choose how leads are distributed, be it direct email with accept/reject options, Zift capture and distribution via Zift123 or through full CRM integration.

Zift Makes it Simple

Why add more to your partners’ to-do list? With Zift’s direct integration with Oracle Eloqua:

  • Partners don’t have to change their behavior
  • No IT resources are required to get started or maintain connections
  • Lead distribution is fully automated, so partners get the leads they need fast and reliably
  • Prospecting and profit data accompanies leads sent to partners, improving follow-up
  • Partners choose the level of integration that works best for them, from simple email workflows to full CRM integration
  • Measuring and reporting on lead status and opportunities is easy with dashboards and closed-loop analytics

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