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Marketo + Zift Integration

Marketo + Zift Integration
Make Marketo Work Smarter, So You and Your Partners Don’t Have To Work Harder

Connect Zift with Marketo via a simple webhook and take visibility, prospecting and lead distribution to a whole new level.

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Drive Sales & Empower Partners

Zift’s seamless integration with Marketo drives sales and empowers channel partners, extending your current investments and making it easy to:

  • Automatically send qualified leads to channel partners coupled with the key prospecting data they need to close deals
  • Use powerful distribution rules to make sure the right leads get to the right partners
  • See exactly what’s happening to the leads you deliver, including sales stage and pipeline data
  • Get the right leads to the right partners using the approach they prefer, be it email, the Zift123 portal or direct CRM integration
  • Measure progress, opportunities and overall results on both sides of the channel with detailed analytics and easy-to-use dashboards

Don’t Lift A Finger

A marriage between Marketo and Zift means that you don’t have to lift a finger to get the leads generated in your Marketo instance into the hands of your channel partners. By integrating with Marketo through a webhook and using Marketo Smart Campaign Flows, Zift automatically knows when leads are ready to be sent. You choose exactly how much event history to share with partners – and partners can decide if they want their leads delivered via email, Zift123 or directly within their own CRM. With Zift and Marketo working together, leads don’t get lost in the shuffle. You can see exactly what happens to the leads you send. And everyone can stop spending hours on manual processes and wasting money on partner portals that no one really wants to use.

Zift Makes it Simple

Zift’s straightforward integration with Marketo means:

  • Qualified leads get to partners quickly and reliably within the systems they already use
  • Adoption rates and results improve as partners don’t have to change their behavior
  • Prospecting, pipeline and sales data is passed with leads, strengthening follow up
  • Expand your Marketo investment now, without IT resources
  • Actionable data and analytics are always on-hand for measurement and reporting

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