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About ResultsPositive

A Leader in Software Across the Entire HPE Software Portfolio

ResultsPositive is a leader in IT Software consulting delivering Project & Portfolio Management, Application Life Cycle Management, IT Service Management, Business Service Management, Application Transformation, Business Intelligence, Cloud & Automation, and Mobility solutions across the entire IT Performance Suite for medium sized and Fortune 500 companies.

Their Business Objective

Results in Today's Fast Moving Market Conditions

As an HPE Platinum Partner, HPE ASMP-S Support Provider and the HPE Customer Support Partner of the Year for 2013, ResultsPositive is not only an established HPE technology expert, but also a highly valued channel partner. One benefit as an HPE Partner is the chance to generate new prospects for HPE business technology solutions. However, a manual lead distribution process of ResultsPositive event leads to inside sales reps was inefficient, susceptible to human error and too slow for today’s fast moving market conditions.

“We co-sponsored events with HPE and the leads were being shared via Excel spreadsheets so it was difficult to track progress, gain insight into where those leads ended up or hold reps accountable,” said Zach Farnsworth, Marketing Specialist with ResultsPositive. “We would download the spreadsheet and either hand it off to our CRM administrator or forward it directly to a sales rep. This caused reporting nightmares as the reps would often work within the Excel spreadsheets so the leads and activities often didn’t make it into our CRM system.”

The manual spreadsheet distribution process also lacked critical details about the lead behavior, leaving little insight into where the lead was within the sales process, what product the lead was for or how to best nurture a lead through to a sale. Moreover, it was difficult to report lead generation results back to ResultsPositive and HPE sales teams in a timely way resulting in long conference calls, cumbersome back and forth emails and multiple versions of the spreadsheet to manage. “There was often a lot of back and forth trying to find out lead statuses, what type of activity had occurred with prospects and whether any deals resulted from leads,” said Farnsworth.

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Their Solution

Channel Automation

When HPE and ResultsPositive began using automated lead distribution from Zift Solutions, things changed dramatically. Through Zift, ResultsPositive began delivering leads directly to their field sales team within their CRM system. As Zift integrates seamlessly with most top CRM packages available, the solution was deployed in just two days with little effort required by ResultsPositive and became a natural extension of how they were already doing business. ResultsPositive is now able to focus on the sales process instead of trying to track lead activity.

Their Results

A Streamlined Sales Pipeline & Closed Loop Reporting

Today, ResultsPositive is armed with an automated “event lead to opportunities process” where the sales qualified leads are tracked and transformed into sales opportunities. “In just the first month of using the system we saw a 30% reduction in lead lifecycle, as we are able to generate meetings and build pipeline faster,” said Zach Farnsworth, Marketing Specialist with ResultsPositive.

Zift has also enabled a more collaborative sales process by delivering leads directly to the right ResultsPositive individuals at the right time and with enhanced visibility. Qualified leads are received in a standardized, structured manner, which saves time and reduces errors, as ResultsPositive no longer has to manually enter data into their CRM. “With Zift Solutions, we’ve increased our CRM usage by 60%, which means we’re getting more value out of our CRM investment, an added benefit. Plus, we’ve seen a 25% reduction in lead administration, allowing for increased time to focus on sales activities. We’ve enhanced efficiency so much that we’re considering expanding our inside sales team,” said Farnsworth.

A streamlined sales pipeline and closed loop reporting make it easy for HPE and ResultsPositive to evaluate the efficacy of our marketing efforts. “Now we can easily communicate the statuses of leads and follow up on opportunities directly to HPE,” Farnsworth said. Plus, ResultsPositive also has the ability to leverage Zift’s Through Partner Marketing Automation (TPMA) capabilities to nurture prospects and help close more deals. These efforts have led to a 25% increase in the number of leads that have progressed to Discovery Meetings.

“Using Zift has really strengthened our partnership with HPE,” said Farnsworth. “HPE is working more closely with us as we’ve increased our reporting capabilities into our lead generation activities and direct visibility into the progression of the leads we generate.”

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