ZiftONE creates clarity between sales and marketing, enabling the direct path to ROI.

Directors and managers in Revenue Operations are under intense pressure to have greater pipeline visibility, drive process compliance, and optimize channel partner relationships. Top that with too many tools that need to be utilized – or existing ones lacking user adoption – and it’s not a surprise that alignment isn't happening.

What if:

All your pipeline data was visible and actionable from one dashboard?

You could share the content your partners need through a single platform?

Data hygiene could finally be achieved and maintained?

You could see where leads are going, and respond accordingly?

With Zift, you can.

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From Displaced Data to Access Across the Board

For many RevOps professionals, there is no single source of truth for data. With ZiftONE, easy-to-understand dashboards mean everyone can turn to one platform for pipeline visibility. Sales and marketing alignment can finally be achieved.

Revenue Operations Professionals Use Zift To:

Track and Measure ROI

Promote Clarity & Trust

Leverage Digital Technology

Create Digital Sales Tool

Automate Lead Distribution

Streamline Channel Marketing

Simplify Their PRM

Optimize Channel Programs

More revenue. More visibility. More sales/marketing alignment.

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