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Upcoming Conferences & Events

CompTIA Channel Conference

Dates: July 31 – August 2, 2018
Location: Washington, DC
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Xchange 2018

Dates: August 19-21, 2018
Location: San Antonio, TX
Event URL:
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SiriusDecisions Summit Europe 2018

Dates: October 3-4, 2018
Location: London, UK
Event URL:
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Oracle OpenWorld 2018

Dates: October 28 – November 1, 2018
Location: San Francisco, CA
Event URL:
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SiriusDecisions Tech Xchange

Dates: November 7-9, 2018
Location: New Orleans, LA
Event URL:
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Xchange Women of the Channel East

Dates: December 3-4, 2018
Location: New York, NY
Event URL:
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On-Demand Webinars

Charge Up Your Recruiting Practices

How do you recruit partners into your channel program? Who do you onboard and why? If your partners are not giving you results, can you pinpoint why? What qualities do your best performing partners have? In this on-demand webinar, channel expert Laz Gonzalez presents a closer look into recruiting practices you should be following to get partners who deliver results.
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Amplify Your Channel Program

Channel partners can be fickle. Some log into your program’s portal once and then never return, leaving you wondering how to keep partners engaged. Since the partner’s experience can often determine whether they stick around to run campaigns, it’s vital to make a good first impression. Join channel expert Cameron Avery in this on-demand webinar to find out why you should be putting partners first in your channel program.
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Boost Your Partner Program’s Productivity

Ready to boost productivity of your your channel partner program? In this on-demand webinar, channel expert Laz Gonzalez plugs you in to best practices for the best partner enablement possible. You can align your efforts with evolving partner needs to keep sales up and deliver an experience your partners will love.
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Introduction to Zift Creative Services

You’ve got big ideas. You want creative campaigns that partners will love, but you’re strapped for time or resources to create them. Does this sound familiar? Zift’s got you covered. With Zift Creative Services, get a leg up on creating impressive campaigns and assets that get leads talking.
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The 5 Planning Assumptions Channel Marketing Leaders Need to Consider Most for 2018

Explore the five key planning assumptions channel marketing leaders need to consider most to thrive in 2018 during this on demand webinar. SiriusDecisions’ Service Director of Channel Marketing Strategies, Maria Chien, and Zift’s Chief Strategy Officer Laz Gonzalez share critical insights into how to modify go-to-market strategies and program investments across partner ecosystems to fuel growth and capture more channel revenue in 2018.
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Driving Higher Channel Performance through Integration

Integration delivers higher channel performance. But you have to go beyond technology to see results. Get the inside scoop on integration essentials in this on-demand webinar featuring experts from Forrester, Qlik and Zift. You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve adoption, productivity and ROI via integration
  • Integrate critical functions, like sales and marketing, to drive higher channel performance
  • Align processes, functions and technology to create a seamless channel and partner experience

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Building PRM Capability with a Channel Maturity Model Roadmap in Mind

In this recorded webinar noted analysts and channel experts, Tim Harmon, Managing Director of Nuvello, and Zift’s Chief Strategy Officer Laz Gonzalez, will provide actionable insight and best practices for aligning priorities to capture partner mindshare, drive breakthrough performance and ensure a stronger ROI with PRM. Watch and learn:

  • How changes in the channel landscape have created higher demand for PRM
  • Why B2B channel organizations need PRM even if they already have CRM and/or SFA in place
  • Key components and operational processes required to “start smart” with PRM
  • Best practices for partner recruitment, onboarding, shortening time-to-revenue and measuring performance with PRM
  • Why integration and prioritization matters when it comes to PRM and CMM

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Aligning Channel Technology with Channel Best Practices

Learn how to align emerging channel technology with proven channel best practices to support program growth, partner engagement and ROI. Channel experts Maria Chien, Service Director, Channel Marketing Strategies for SiriusDecisions, and Laz Gonzalez, Chief Strategy Officer at Zift Solutions, detail:

  • The top 5 priorities for channel marketing leaders
  • Aligning channel marketing efforts with corporate goals
  • Best practices for demand creation, partner enablement and functional development
  • How to solve integration challenges undermining channel program success

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Automation Fusion: Blending Platforms to Drive Direct and Indirect Channel Revenue

Zift Solutions and Oracle Marketing Cloud are proud to bring together some of the brightest minds in marketing automation and channel marketing and management (CMM) to discuss how different platforms and practices can work together to help drive revenue for both direct and indirect sales and marketing organizations.
In this webinar, the all-star panel will discuss:

  • Why is partner adoption such a problem in the channel, and what can we learn from direct to consumer marketing?
  • How does concierge offerings factor into the CMM process and what are some best practices when working with channel organizations?
  • What are real, actionable steps you can take when working with channel partners who are less marketing savvy?
  • How to support both high touch and low touch channel partners (while keeping your sanity)
  • Getting the most out of your unique partner ecosystem including exclusive and non-exclusive partners or dealers

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Adapting to Channel Change: The Cisco Story

Most companies think they have an established channel marketing strategy, but can easily be left behind as soon as the next evolution of marketing hits. Organizations must be prepared to adapt to channel change. In order to stay ahead, it’s important to align your content, goals, and channel marketing program strategy.
Laz Gonzalez, Chief Strategy Officer at Zift Solutions, and Chad Reese, Director, Partner Digital Marketing at Cisco share:

  • Disruptive forces in the channel and how to anticipate them
  • Integrated marketing programs Cisco is delivering to partners
  • Leveraging data and analytics to be more effective with channel partners
  • Best practices in content marketing
  • ROI expectations when marketing through partners

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What Channel Marketers Are Doing – And Getting – in Building a Channel Marketing Machine presented by Zift Solutions, featuring Forrester Research

While most companies see their channels (e.g. re-sellers, agent, dealers and distributors) as strictly another source of revenue, many are waking up to the fact that partners are also crucial forces in marketing amplification. But there’s a catch! In order to optimize your channel’s full marketing and revenue generating potential, you must implement a channel marketing program properly. Otherwise, you risk losing mindshare, and worse, degrading the customer experience. Watch this webinar as Zift Solutions and guest Forrester Research detail the best way to build and launch a channel marketing machine.
You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for building the best channel marketing program (from lessons learned and big wins!)
  • How to apply Through-Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) (and why this matters for your partners who are not marketing-Jedi yet )
  • What needs to go into building the business case for channel marketing automation (including selling the benefits of a bold new world when it’s done right)

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5 Key Ingredients for a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience

This educational webinar outlines the pillars of partner engagement and uncovers the five (5) key ingredients for creating a positive and profitable partner experience. Experts Laz Gonzalez, Group Service Director of Channel Strategies for SiriusDecisions and Ken Romley, President and CEO of Zift Solutions will show you how to overcome current partner engagement challenges and the critical importance of using the right technology to support the partner experience.

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Zift Solutions & MobilePaks: Closing The Channel Sales Enablement Gap

Watch this in-depth on-demand webinar as Zift Solutions and MobilePaks demonstrate how forward-thinking organizations are using technology to close the sales enablement gap. Our channel experts discuss:

  • The marketing shift that’s created a gap in partner enablement
  • Evolving expectations and differing attitudes of suppliers and channel partners
  • How to boost partner participation with unique demand-gen tactics that unlock benefits based on partner participation (e.g. certification completion)
  • Effective ways to provide accessible, just-in-time support and training content to partners

Find out how you can create a closed-loop process that engages partners and drives revenue by addressing both marketing and sales needs.

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Unveiling 5 Hidden Secrets of High-Performance Channel Marketing

Zift Solutions and SiriusDecisions recently teamed up to deliver an educational webinar that exposed five hidden secrets of B2B channel marketing success. Laz Gonzalez, Service Director for SiriusDecisions, shared break-through insights on the current trends, program benchmarks and critical challenges facing channel marketers in 2015 using the re-architected Demand Waterfall. Ken Romley, CEO and President of Zift Solutions, discussed how suppliers and partners across an array of industry verticals are shattering the channel marketing performance ceiling using integrated marketing tactics. Learn the five hidden secrets to help you drive better performance for your channel marketing programs.

Lead Distribution Management: How to Avoid the Channel Sales Black Hole

When the leads you’ve passed to channel partners seemingly disappear into a black hole, it can tear your sales process apart. In this webinar, hosted by Zift Solutions and featuring Tim Harmon, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research, Inc. we’ll examine why inefficient lead delivery processes are undermining channel sales success, how forward-thinking organizations are using lead distribution management to rescue leads and nurture opportunities, and the key technology requirements to close the growing chasm between suppliers and their channel partners. Attendees will gain expert insight on how lead distribution management works within an integrated partner marketing program mix, best practices to engage partners, and explore the future of lead distribution management within the channel sales landscape.

Searching for the Channel Marketing Silver Bullet? Turn Silver into Gold!

This educational webinar puts an end to the search for the channel marketing “silver bullet” – and helps you turn silver into gold. Heather Margolis, Founder and President of Channel Maven Consulting, and Scott England, VP of Strategic Alliances for Zift Solutions, discuss the vital importance of using a holistic and integrated blend of new and traditional marketing tactics, such as social media syndication and email marketing, to empower partners, drive demand and deliver results. Special guest, Chris White, AVP of Marketing for HPE Platinum Partner Orasi Software, will also share how they captured a 48 to 1 return on investment and delivered more than $325K in sales pipeline in just a few weeks using a holistic, integrated channel marketing approach.

Embracing the New Era of End-to-End Channel Automation

Leading B2B organizations are now using cloud-based marketing, content management, incentives, and other mission critical systems in an attempt to solve channel sales and marketing challenges. But too many of these point solutions fail to engage partners and live up to ROI pledges. Get an insider’s look at how some of the world’s top channel organizations are leveraging the next wave of more scalable, configurable channel automation to engage partners, eliminate inefficiencies, and dramatically grow revenue, while having the ability to easily adjust to new program and partner needs from year to year Don’t miss Embracing the New Era of End-to-End Channel Automation, a joint webinar hosted by CCI and Zift Solutions.

How to Avoid the Empty Promises of Partner Portals

Watch subject matter expert Scott England, VP of Alliances and Strategic Relationships at Zift Solutions, as he examines why PRM and partner marketing systems are failing, and real-world use-case scenarios that outline an alternative path to channel marketing success.

The Balancing Act: Making Global Marketing Work

Implementing a global marketing strategy across multiple markets seems like a great concept. It can save time and money and ensure worldwide brand consistency. But does it really work? Zift Solutions CEO, Ken Romley recently participated in a panel session with Uzair Dada of Iron Horse Interactive and Robin Daniels of Box as part of the Marketo Marketing Nation Virtual Summit. Listen to this recorded version as they explore ideas on the best way to serve diverse markets across multiple channels while leveraging global marketing resources.

5 Critical Steps to Extend Social Media Through Channel Partners

Subject matter experts Chantel Broten, VP/Chief Strategy Officer at Jan Kelley Marketing and Ken Romley, CEO at Zift Solutions, explain exactly how Social Media Syndication extends your reach and drives new leads for channel partners. You will also learn what critical steps should be taken to establish an integrated, on-brand social media program with channel partners.

How Rules Based Lead Distribution Increases Partner Sales

This recorded webinar shows you how rules based lead distribution delivers all of the essential elements of effective lead distribution to boost channel sales success. You’ll also see real world results, including how a multi-billion dollar manufacturer leveraged enhanced visibility and deeper prospecting data to empower its distributors and close 19% more deals in just three months.


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