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[Website] What Channel Marketers Are Doing – And Getting – in Building a Channel Marketing Machine (Zift & Forrester)

What Channel Marketers Are
Doing – And Getting – in
Building a Channel Marketing Machine

This Webinar Features:

Tim Harmon
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Scott England
Strategic Partnerships
Zift Solutions

While most companies see their channels (e.g. re-sellers, agent, dealers and distributors) as strictly another source of revenue, many are waking up to the fact that partners are also crucial forces in marketing amplification. But there’s a catch! In order to optimize your channel’s full marketing and revenue generating potential, you must implement a channel marketing program properly. Otherwise, you risk losing mindshare, and worse, degrading the customer experience.

Watch the recorded webinar with experts from Zift Solutions and guest Forrester Research as they discuss the best way to build and launch a channel marketing machine.

Guest speaker Tim Harmon, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, discusses:

  • Best practices in building a superior channel marketing program
  • Applying through-channel marketing automation (TCMA)
  • The business case and payoffs of doing channel marketing right

Scott England, Vice President of Alliances and Strategic Partnerships for Zift Solutions, shares the 4 cornerstones of Channel Marketing Automation (CMA) success learned from over 10 years working with top programs, including:

  • The vital importance of having a long term CMA vision and strategy
  • Tips for developing a partner engagement plan
  • Proper preparation for content development and execution
  • How to determine the best CMA platform operating model for your organization

Gain a strong understanding of the key challenges that inhibit channel marketing success and the proper path to overcome them in order to maximize channel partner potential.

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