“Zift has helped us overcome many of the challenges of being a small company with a very small marketing team – a marketing team of one”

– Lisa Vega, Senior Marketing Manage, pureIntegration

In less than nine months, pureIntegration has increased their total marketing reach by 46 percent using Zift Solutions. They’ve seen a seven percent month-over-month increase in site visits and nine percent month-over-month boost in net new leads. Overall, Zift Solutions has helped pureIntegration increase opportunities at a rate of 20 percent month over month.

Zift makes it easy to support multi-touch campaigns that propel prospects through sales cycles that can last six months to a year. Marketing and Sales are now positioned to nurture leads instead of hitting them just once with a single email blast. Detailed insights and analysis help pureIntegration focus in on key prospects and be more strategic with targeted messaging by identifying exactly where prospects clicked on the website or which asset they downloaded to foster active and accurate follow-ups.

In channel marketing, measurement is key to achieving critical goals and objectives. “Zift makes it easy to see and measure the leads we capture from Zift syndicated content, social media and PPC campaigns,” said Vega. “All of that brand exposure and new leads filter through and fill our sales funnel, so it’s easy to demonstrate and share results.”

Concierge Services also help pureIntegration capture and capitalize on the full value of Zift. “I really enjoy working with the team,” said Vega. “I can call them at a moment’s notice and they are always available, day or night, and that means the world.”

“Zift makes it easy to see and measure success. We have expanded our marketing reach and we are delivering more opportunities to our sales team.”


As an IT Systems Integrator, Platinum HP Partner and Premier Intel Security Partner, pureIntegration has a lot to juggle with only one (1) marketing resource. Time constraints, limited staff and minimal visibility across the sales process made it hard for Lisa Vega, Senior Marketing Manager, to keep up with the aggressive channel marketing demands of two suppliers, stay on-top of social media, manage marketing campaigns and keep the sales funnel full.

Internal and field sales reps also needed strategic insight and support to nurture and propel prospects through sales cycles that can last upwards of six months to a year. While the pureIntegration team relied heavily on SugarCRM®, there was no easy way to transfer or track leads. Moreover, detailed insight into the activities and interests of prospects was lacking.

“Zift’s seamless integration with SugarCRM supports the complete sales journey, from inside to field sales reps, to help transform prospects into pureIntegration customers.”


pureIntegration began by using just one piece of the Zift Solutions Platform, but after experiencing its value, has expanded to cross-platform usage, complete integration with SugarCRM and support of Zift Concierge Services.

“After working with Zift Solutions for over two years, our partnership has grown,” said Vega. “We’re now working with Zift on both the HP and Intel Security Platforms and it has proved to be a great channel marketing tool for pureIntegration!”

Vega initially started using Zift Solutions’ Content Syndication to keep their website content and offers fresh, impactful and consistent with the distinctive brand identities of HP and Intel Security. She soon began utilizing Zift for monthly email campaigns and quarterly newsletters, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on Google® and LinkedIn®, and managing social media.

“With the Zift Platform, everything we need is all in one place and accessible with just a few clicks,” said Vega. “I can log in one time and check, edit and make social media posts from one dashboard. I can deploy and track the actual results of email campaigns. Zift Content syndication helps to populate our website with more current and brand-accurate messaging from both HP and Intel Security. Best of all, the functionality is available through just one platform that is well designed, convenient and easy to understand. We love having it all in one place!”

pureIntegration also decided to integrate Zift into their SugarCRM System. Now, campaign-generated leads are pushed directly to the sales team on a daily basis. Sales reps receive a complete list of qualified leads within the system where they already spend the bulk of their time.

“From the moment they log in, it’s easy to see what their day is going to look like, who they need to reach out to, the best way to nurture those leads,” said Vega.

“Zift’s seamless integration with SugarCRM supports the complete sales journey, from inside to field sales reps, to help transform prospects into pureIntegration customers.”

Zift Concierge Services also play a large part in pureIntegration’s success. “They are not only friendly and responsive, but they work with me to create emails, target audiences, build lists and more – all those things that are really time consuming. They lift that burden, allowing me to spend time on other more strategic actions,” said Vega.