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Enhance Partner Marketing Activities with Telemarketing

A simple phone call can often dramatically enhance channel marketing efforts and go a long way toward closing a deal. Incorporate telemarketing into your channel partners’ marketing mix or enhance current efforts with Zift Solutions to make the most of this dynamic marketing and communications technique.

Telemarketing Support

Complete Telemarketing Support

Boost the effectiveness of partner campaigns and sales efforts with telemarketing support from Zift Solutions. Zift can work with your existing telemarketing agency, plugging them into our framework to improve effectiveness and visibility, or provide end-to-end support. Our telemarketing resources are not only experienced and professional, they can handle every type of campaign (from short-term targeted outreach to large scale, long-term multi-touch campaigns). Let us help your channel partners increase awareness and turn leads into qualified business opportunities. Zift’s telemarketing resources can identify high-value prospects, promote special deals, set appointments and more. And, as with all Zift platform-supported activities, it’s easy to track progress through every touch point. Complete telemarketing results are provided directly and can be integrated seamlessly into your channel partners’ CRM systems.

Integrated Telemarketing

An Integrated Telemarketing Approach for Superior Results

While telemarketing can be used on its own, it is more effective when used in conjunction with a variety of marketing tactics. Talking directly to prospects who have already gained brand awareness through advertising efforts, reading positive social media reviews or who have downloaded a white paper in response to an email offer increases the chances of closing a deal. It’s easy to coordinate all of these efforts with Zift Solutions to ensure the best possible returns on telemarketing initiatives. Need telemarketers? We can connect you to proven professionals that we have worked with directly. Have an established agency? We can make them more effective by tying their activity into multi-channel campaigns and integrating the results to extend the value of Zift even further.

Telemarketing for Targeted Success

A proven and flexible interactive sales tool, telemarketing with Zift Solutions can help you and your channel partners:

  • Improve the efficacy and impact of marketing campaigns and sales efforts without burdening channel partners with more work
  • Enhance the efforts of existing telemarketing agencies
  • Nurture prospects and customers with one-on-one telephone interactions
  • Increase awareness regarding your solutions, services and special offers
  • Simplify lead qualification and appointment setting
  • Fortify customer acquisition efforts and strengthen your brand

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