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Online Advertising

Enhance Online Advertising Efforts

It’s impossible to underestimate the value and impact of online advertising in today’s Internet-centric marketplace. But channel marketers often lack the tools and resources to make the most of online advertising opportunities. Zift Solutions helps you and your partners easily leverage multiple online advertising tactics, including Pay-Per-Click, Display Advertising and Ad Retargeting to reach a wider audience faster and capitalize on the immediate returns of online advertising.

Multiple Tactics for Maximum Results

To maximize results, Zift Solutions makes it easy for channel partners to incorporate multiple online advertising tactics into their online advertising mix, including:

Pay-Per-Click – Capitalize on the reach, low cost and flexibility of PPC advertising. Zift Solutions provides everything you need to compliment inbound marketing efforts, expand online visibility and bring targeted traffic to your website with PPC.

Display Advertising – Simplify the complexities of online Display Advertising and capitalize on the value of extended contact networks with Zift.

Ad Retargeting – Recapture the interest of web visitors and build a targetable audience to reduce online advertising costs and increase conversion rates.

Optimize Online Advertising

Optimize Online Advertising by Aggregating Through a Single Buyer

By aggregating online advertising with Zift Solutions, you can lower costs and take advantage of sophisticated techniques that may otherwise remain out of reach for channel partners. We ensure that channel partners are getting the most value for their advertising dollars – and not buying against other partners or the supplier. With guaranteed levels of ad buys, Zift helps you capitalize on premium opportunities such as banner advertising on LinkedIn, which most channel partners would not be able to utilize their own due to high monthly minimums. Zift also has the online advertising expertise to provide keyword research and automatically generate highly relevant landing pages that boost visibility improve relevance and ultimately lower costs.

Improve Online Advertising

Monitor and Improve the Impact of Online Advertising

Zift provides complete analytics across the channel partner community so you can monitor and optimize campaign effectiveness and employ unique channel-centric online advertising strategies. With Zift, you and your channel partners gain the freedom to explore new online advertising options and the insight to ensure your marketing dollars are being well spent.

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