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Share Info and Nurture Relationships with Automated Newsletters

Newsletters are a great way to build and nurture relationships while sharing current info, industry insights, best practices and more. Zift Solutions’ Newsletters Feature provides the easiest way for your partners to deliver customized content to their key prospects and current customers – and measure their impact in closing deals.

Turn-Key Customizations

Turn-Key Customization and Delivery

Zift’s Newsletter feature makes it easy for your partners to review, customize and deliver newsletters to their target audience. Based on your set schedule, channel partners receive an email giving them the opportunity to preview all content, approve as is or make changes prior to delivery. Channel partners can add their own content, swap out articles with those available in a pre-approved article library, add their own calls-to-action and even adjust the creative look and feel to complement their brand. Plus, they can increase the impact of newsletters and deliver even more valuable content to prospects by directing readers to Zift-hosted microsites, which partners can manage and update on their own.

Key Benefits of Nurturing with Newsletters

With Zift Solutions’ Newsletters Feature, both you and your channel partners benefit from:

  • Turn-key delivery and customization for partners
  • Complete control over articles and creative design
  • Integrated lead generation, including multiple calls to action with form support
  • Ongoing lead management with maintained activity history for each and every contact
  • Zift-supported microsite generation and hosting
  • Full multi-lingual support
Measure Newsletter Impact

Measure Newsletter Impact

Measure the impact of your newsletters with complete analytics provided by Zift. Much more than basic views, opens, and link counts, Zift collects and maintains rich activity records for every newsletter recipient. These activity records seamlessly tie into CRM systems so the impact and value of newsletters can be tied back to new business when deals are closed.

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