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Zift delivers powerful digital advertising capabilities to channel programs of all sizes. We simplify and automate what many consider too complex and costly for channel partners to manage on their own, giving channel programs the power to roll-out digital ad campaigns worldwide without the hassle or high price tag.

Digital Advertising Services

Unmatched Capabilities & Scalability

Zift automates search engine marketing (SEM) and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, providing unmatched digital advertising capabilities and scalability across global channel communities. Instead of a complex manual process that is typically too much for channel partners to manage on their own, Zift makes digital advertising easy and accessible with turnkey creative campaigns that deliver qualified leads for less.

Intelligent Email Workflows

Capitalize on High-Performance Digital Campaigns

You can’t compete in the digital landscape without digital advertising. Zift Digital Advertising increases your campaign performance and ROI with:

  • SEM and PPC for both Google® and Bing®
  • Social Advertising with LinkedIn
  • Display advertising with ad retargeting
  • High quality, optimized campaigns with professionally produced assets
  • Automated ad placement, bidding and execution
  • Comprehensive reporting on campaign performance
  • Complete cost and results transparency

Digital Know-How Meets Advanced Technology

Zift’s experts combine the art and science of digital advertising with advanced technology that continually improves results and offers real-time insights. Channel partners get direct access to a templated library of professionally designed, tested and optimized campaigns. On-going bid optimization via machine learning along with up-to-the minute reporting ensure control and visibility. Suppliers can see, manage and coordinate campaigns across thousands of partners, so there is no cross-channel interference to undermine branding or sales. Plus, seamless integration with Zift’s channel marketing and management platform including TPMA,  Campaign Marketplace, Content Syndication, Social Media Syndication, Analytics and Lead Distribution Management, allow you to optimize your complete channel marketing strategy.

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