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Content Syndication

Content Syndication
For Channel Partners

With Content Syndication from Zift Solutions, you can display your latest messaging directly on channel partner websites and easily create a multi-layered experience with rotating offers, videos, lead capture forms, and downloads such as white papers and case studies. All syndicated content adjusts automatically to complement your partners’ websites look and feel and can be extended with partner specific content.

Dynamic Content Syndication

Boost Conversions by as much as 50% with Dynamic Content Syndication

Zift’s content syndication enables dynamic content changes based on data about current website visitors. Known as Dynamic Content Syndication, this real-time modification of webpage content allows you to target the interests of website visitors to deliver the most relevant content based on user behavior or characteristics. Delivering the right content to the right buyer at the right time, greatly increases website visitor conversion rates.

Key Benefits of Content Syndication

  • Deliver targeted, relevant content to website visitors
  • Keep channel partners’ online messaging and offers fresh and consistent
  • Automatically adjust content based on website visitors’ needs, interests, online behavior or personal characteristics
  • Boost conversion rates and generate new qualified leads for partners
  • Monitor site visits and see exactly how content is consumed with real-time analytics
  • Integrates seamlessly with RSS Feeds and third-party content providers such as FeedForAll
Content Syndication and SEO

Content Syndication and SEO

When done right, content syndication not only improves the visitor experience on your channel partners’ websites, but also makes it easier for prospects to find those websites. Google® and the other search engines look for rich, well-structured content that is continually updated and kept current over time. Zift Solutions provides the framework to make sure that all these factors are done well, and we have the statistics to prove the results. Partner websites that have incorporated Zift Solutions’ content syndication have consistently improved their SEO scores and increased their search engine ranking to attract more visitors.

Content Syndication in Action

Content Syndication in Action

Content syndication can be deployed as a stand-alone solution or combined with other marketing tactics to strengthen its impact. For example, combine content syndication with Channel Email Enablement and when analytics show each visitor by name, the prospects’ sales representative receives an alert. Or create an advertising audience from syndicated content visitors. Then utilize our online advertising capabilities to place targeted banner ads on general websites that audience members are visiting. Visit our Blog to learn more about content syndication.

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