Your partners may look at you in a whole new light.

The channel partner relationship requires a solid working knowledge of your company’s products, processes and solutions. It can be difficult to cover that much channel management training content without a learning management system (LMS) in place to help your partners and dealers/distributors understand how to most effectively market what you’ve got to offer. With Zift Channel-Focused Learning Management (CLM), your partners will have all the tools at their disposal to become experts! The best part? With our data-driven channel software, you’ll be able to track and report on their progress every step of the way.

Event & Webinar Management

Managing training events is a snap with Channel Learning Management. You have control over attendance including class size and who can attend. Channel partners can manage their own attendance, leaving you free to focus on other planning details. If they decide not to attend, another partner will be able to take their place without any action on your part. Attendance can also tie in to certification advancements, to give partners further incentive.

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Testing, Exams & Quizzes

Whether it’s a short quiz or a structured, complex exam, Zift CLM can accommodate the style of partner training program you want to put in place. Create intuitive assessment forms and question pools for channel partners to fill out with our flexible system and assign time limits, pass/fails and re-testing access. Users receive notifications of their pass/fail status as well as other alerts regarding reminders and instructions. Administrators can also decide if users are emailed their certifications upon test completion.

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Partner Certifications

Give your partners incentives to become experts with partner certification and accreditation. Dynamic certifications are assigned to partners who meet certain specifications, meaning you don’t have to lift a finger for their certification. Zift CLM does the work of keeping track once you’ve defined the necessary rules. Partners can also track certification goals at the person and organization level. Once they’ve registered themselves or their organization for certification programs, it’s simple to track progress via notifications and reports. Once certified, partners receive a personalized certificate which they can view or print. You determine all specifics, from how long the certification is valid to what programs certain partner groups can apply for within the portal using certification rules and prerequisites.

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Looking for Features?  Here are highlights of what Zift CLM provides:

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