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Campaign Marketplace

Campaign Marketplace
Do More with Your Market Development Funds

Zift’s Campaign Marketplace allows Suppliers, Channel Partners and Marketing Service Agencies to interact and simplify the development and management of marketing activities, as well as optimize the use of Marketing Development Funds (MDF), directly within the Zift Platform.

Expand The Possibilities

Deliver inspiration, empower multi-tactic campaigns and bring clarity to Market Development Fund (MDF) processes with Zift’s Campaign Marketplace. Now, from within the Zift Platform:

  • Suppliers can provide Partners with MDF and pre-approved professional marketing activities, negotiate pricing as well as track projects from order through to completion, with clear evidence of approvals or denials, all within one system.
  • Partners can access a wide array of customized marketing activities from their Suppliers with integrated MDF – and grant third-party Marketing Agencies the right to market on their behalf.
  • Marketing Service Agencies (third-party vendors, distributors) can manage orders and accounts on behalf of Partners, communicate with Partners and Vendors on project status, and readily supply Proof of Performance (POP).

The result: No questions about how much MDF partners have or what they can spend it on. Channel partners can easily see and use the full power of their MDF to access pre-approved, professionally developed and deployed marketing campaigns, solutions and custom activities directly within Zift to expand their reach, streamline approvals and claims – and ultimately capture more channel revenue.

New Ideas And End-to-end Help From The Pros

You and your channel partners have enough on your plates. Zift’s Campaign Marketplace puts the proven expertise of Marketing Service Agencies at your fingertips to drive partner engagement and adoption with new ideas, pre-approved full- and self-service campaigns and access to professional support in one place. Zift’s Campaign Marketplace enhances visibility and gives you complete control of partner and Marketing Service Agency activities and costs, so you can measure ROI while your partners achieve better results from varied and professionally-developed marketing tactics. Designed to empower more collaborative and strategic planning between your partner and third-party Marketing Service Agencies, Campaign Marketplace increases the number and types of marketing activities available to partners, streamlines proof of performance (POP), allows you to negotiate pricing, and makes it easy to track and compare agency performance in order to guide future investments.

Campaign Marketplace Delivers

  • Full-Service & Self-Service Options: Partners can access pre-approved full-service campaigns, solutions and tactics developed and executed by professional Marketing Service Agencies along with self-service options that can be easily deployed by partners themselves.
  • Custom Marketing Approvals: Partners can request (or Managers can pre-approve) custom campaigns and events, such as a golf outing, and negotiate for the best price, from within the system.
  • Special Interface for Agencies: Third-party professional Marketing Service Agencies get their own interface tailored to their needs, so they can easily track multiple clients and promote specific projects and service offerings.
  • Proof of Performance and Claims: POP is managed easily within the system and claims can be submitted by the partner, agency or budget manager on behalf of the partner.
  • MDF Funds Type Manager: Manage different types of MDF funds and assign which types of funds can be used on particular marketing campaigns (with expirations).
  • MDF Funds Wallet: Partners can quickly review current MDF allocations, by funding type, and know exactly how much they have available to spend on marketing activities.
  • Integrations for: Marketing Development Funds (MDF), Budget Tracking, Vendor/Agency Payment, and Proof of Performance.

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