Last updated: January 15, 2024

Zift Solutions, Inc., Relayware, Inc., Relayware Ltd. rely on certain Subprocessors to provide our services. For our customers that are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have provided a list of all the Subprocessors our family of companies currently rely on to perform various functions in support of our services, as described below.

The Subprocessors listed below have or potentially will have access to or process our customers’ personal data in order to provide services. Depending on, among other things, the location of the customer’s data and the nature of the customer’s needs, we may share our customers’ personal data with some but not all of these Subprocessors.

All of our Subprocessors are subject to contractual requirements to process our customers’ personal data in accordance with our instructions and applicable law.

We will post updates to this website in the event we add or modify any of the Subprocessors we use.

Analytics/Service Enhancement Providers

  • Google Analytics (stores session ID and IP address by special customer request only)
    • Entity Location: US
  • Looker Data Sciences, Inc. (provides us with a business intelligence platform for internal review)
    • Entity Location: USA
  • (a Qlik Company) (Embedded integration platform for SaaS companies)
    • Entity Location: USA/EU
  • Workato, Inc. (global platform that powers integration and automation.)
      • Entity Location: USA/EU/Asia


Content Delivery network

  • ChinaCache North America, Inc. (Content Delivery Network Services, used for Customer Partners based in China)
    • China’s Network Solution Expert for Amazon AWS
    • Entity Location: USA

Data Hosting Platforms

  • Amazon Web Services, Inc.
    • Entity Location: USA, EU

Identity Provider / Single Sign On services

  • PingFederate – IDP / SSO services
    • Entity Location: USA

Mail Service Providers

  • AuthSMTP (Mail Delivery Services)
    • Entity Location: USA
  • AWS SES (Mail Delivery Services)
    • Entity Location: USA
  • Cakemail Inc. (Mail Delivery Services)
    • Entity Location: CA
  • SendGrid, Inc. (Mail Delivery Services)
    • Entity Location: USA
  • Messagelabs by Symantec/Broadcom (Processes and logs outgoing emails)
    • Entity Location: USA, EU
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