Pulling it all Together

Zift Solutions pulls all of the pieces channel partners and suppliers need to succeed together under one platform with a foundation of channel-focused services and support. In doing so, Zift orchestrates today’s complex channel ecosystem better than anyone — removing roadblocks and delivering breakthrough channel sales and marketing results.

Navigating a Complex Ecosystem

Today’s marketing ecosystem is more complex than ever. Zift Solutions delivers the tools, tactics, strategic insight, flexible services and integration both suppliers and partners need to navigate it with ease — and even expand capabilities to ultimately capture more revenue.

Supplier-Side Simplicity and Results

Channel marketing and sales are far from one-dimensional. Today’s suppliers have to engage partners, empower channel marketing and sales efforts with multi-tactic campaigns that work, “partner-ize” content, and make the most of marketing development funds – all while keeping a close eye on the pipeline, partner activities and results. With Zift, you get the strategic insight, dedicated support, innovative channel technology, proven processes and even creative services to extend your capabilities, eliminate complexity and get the results you’ve been seeking.

True Partner Enablement

Channel partners are juggling much more with fewer resources. Tasked with driving channel sales along with growth for their own businesses, partners require tools, prescriptive marketing tactics and a better way to navigate and leverage all of the options currently available to them. Zift makes it easy to expand and improve on both channel and independent marketing efforts by making it easy to leverage the power of the Zift platform inside the systems partners already use every day. Check out our powerful connections here.

Control & Visibility to Track and Measure Results

Zift Solutions’ comprehensive ROI Analytics deliver powerful insight to both you and your partners, allowing you to capture and leverage critical data to foster continual improvements. View, measure and track the results of channel partner marketing and sales activities while monitoring the pipeline with:

  • Easy-to-use and understand dashboards
  • Campaign allocation of generated pipeline activities
  • Dynamic slicing of key data across defined metrics
  • Automated business intelligence and reporting

More channel revenue. More visibility. More marketing impact.

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