Hit your targets

It’s time for a bullseye. Can you really rely on all of the point solutions you’re using now to scale your business? Are all of your partners performing at peak-performance levels? With Zift, you can actually see, track and reach program goals more effectively with one platform. Fractured data sets and misalignment become a thing of the past. And breakthrough performance, once out of reach, is easy to grasp.

Zift helps channel sales teams build profitable programs with predictability, more productive partners and bigger pipelines.

Are your partners meeting the mark?

What if you could activate, manage and fully engage partners? To do so, you need more than a portal or salesforce automation tool (that will likely break your budget with licensing). You need solutions and expert services purpose-built for channel success. With Zift, it’s easy to:

  • Do more with less via automation
  • Engage partners and speed time-to-sales
  • Get a clear view of partner performance
  • Leverage familiar tools while expanding channel-focused functionality
  • Measure and prove ROI

Zift drives efficiency through automation — and can also serve as an extension of your team. Our proven methodology drives measurable results. Plus, our expert services, channel engagement team, creative services and partner-focused support all boost partner engagement and your bottom line.

Channel Sales Leaders Use Zift To:

Hit channel revenue targets

Engage partners to grow pipeline

Identify productive vs. non-productive partners

Align partners, program goals and budgets

Measure and prove ROI

Isn’t it time you worked with an expert who really knows the channel?

With Zift, you can optimize all phases of channel sales, marketing and operations with automation that scales easily. Free up time, resources and budget with a platform built for the channel — and for integration.

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