Avid wanted to fully capture their tremendous opportunity for revenue growth and expansion, and given the importance of the indirect channel to their business, they knew they had to develop a world-class global channel partner program to capitalize on that potential. The program would provide their partners with 24×7 access to:

  • Information
  • Tools
  • Resources
  • Training

Avid also wanted to unify programs from their various business units under a single brand while leveraging shared infrastructure and systems in order to maximize value for each business while improving the channel partner experience.
Avid selects and segments channel partners based on their ability to:

  • Market
  • Sell
  • Install
  • Integrate
  • Provide support

The program and its infrastructure therefore had to support all of the associated business processes on a single platform and leverage a single database.
Avid concluded that in order to achieve a world-class indirect channel partner program, they needed a world-class external social collaboration and multi-channel communication solution designed specifically for engaging with indirect sales channels wherever they may be.

“The introduction of Zift was a game-changer for Avid and our channel. Our global program and portals run on Zift’s technology and it has provided us with a significant competitive advantage. What’s more it has been met with a terrific response from our channel partners.”

– Stefan Rollins, Director Worldwide Marketing, AVID


Avid wanted to present their strategy and solution to their partners at their annual partner conference in the summer of 2011, and the chosen technology provider would have to adhere to strict and challenging timescales.


In 2011, Avid engaged with a number of potential providers of technology solutions, each sharing a common capability to offer an integrated partner portal. Initially, the purpose of this engagement was to understand the market and the capabilities of the software solution providers. This provided Avid stakeholders with the ability to clearly define the business, functional and technical requirements that would ultimately be distributed to a shortlist of vendors in the form of an RFP in the Fall of 2011.


Avid narrowed their focus to two companies: Zift and Salesforce.com. After careful deliberation, Zift was chosen for the following reasons:

  • The solution satisfied all of Avid’s defined business, functional and technical requirements
  • All current and future needs were available on one platform without the need for 3rd party plug-ins
  • The solution was scalable, enabling Avid to deploy functionality according to priority and capacity in a series of phases
  • The system facilitated collaboration with and among the indirect channel network
  • The system features an array of multi-channel communication capabilities including an integrated customizable portal, email, social and mobile
  • Cost effectiveness


Once commissioned, Zift’s team of experts worked with Avid on the following:

  • Translation of business needs into clear and concise functional requirements and specifications
  • Detailed solution design workshops
  • Detailed solution demonstrations
  • Detailed Salesforce.com CRM integration design and data mapping
  • Zift product strategy and roadmap disclosure
  • Budgeting and affordability analysis
  • Delivery of a formal Statement of Work including a phased functionality implementation plan
  • Commercial terms negotiation


Zift worked closely with the Avid business and IT teams to deploy a tailored solution worldwide with a subset of Zift’s key features including:

  • Single database containing detailed company and contact profiles
  • Recruitment and registration with approvals automation
  • Self-profiling
  • On-boarding
  • Content management system
  • Custom partner portal in multiple languages
  • Marketing automation including email marketing communications
  • Sales automation including lead management and deal registration
  • Sales and marketing collaboration
  • Full integration with Salesforce.com CRM

The implementation approach afforded Avid the opportunity to review progress at key stages and modify and enhance the collective approach as necessary. Avid’s assessment of the implementation and their experience of working with the Zift team highlighted:

  • A structured methodology
  • Very detailed and thorough approach
  • Sharing of domain expertise to provide guidance for the adoption of best practice indirect sales channel program management
  • Managed and exceeded expectations
  • Met timescales and hit deadlines


The benefits that Avid enjoyed and continue to enjoy since going live include:

  • Avid is easier to do business with
  • Partners have much easier access to the information, tools and resources they need to be effective
  • Single login and single portal offers a single Avid “face” to their partner network
  • Increased and improved channel recruitment with more companies and more individuals than ever before selling Avid products
  • Targeted communications and training, ensuring both are timely, pertinent, of interest and of value to the recipient
  • Avid can deploy information more quickly and in a more targeted manner
  • Multi-lingual portal and localization of content ensuring improved engagement with non-English speaking partners
  • Channel and Avid productivity has improved
  • Avid have an integrated view of their entire sales pipeline
  • Accelerated revenue growth and increased profitability through improved communication and collaboration


Avid set out to develop a world-class global channel partner program that provided their partners with 24×7 access to information, tools, resources and training through the widest range of communication channels to drive mutual revenue and profit growth and further increase customer satisfaction. This vision required a powerful single, integrated and flexible technology platform that facilitated effective communication and productive collaboration and which offered scope for expansion and growth. After careful appraisal, Zift was selected over Salesforce.com and became Avid’s technology partner supporting all of their immediate channel enablement needs and helping them define and fulfill their future requirements.

Avid have achieved and exceeded their business objectives with what the CEO of one of their key channel partners claimed was “the single biggest thing Avid have ever done [to improve channel effectiveness]”. Zift continues to offer leading edge innovation in channel management and external social collaboration technology and Avid continue to work closely with Zift’s product marketing and development teams to shape the product roadmap and deploy new features as they become available.

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