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At no time has it been more challenging – or more important – to prove the value of the channel in driving revenue growth.

While 2020 was the season of change, 2021 is the year where successful channel leaders need bold, new moves to reach buyers through skeptical partners.

Join industry leaders Laz Gonzalez, Kristen Cole, & Theresa Caragol for this information-packed webinar to learn how the channel will operate in 2021, and walk away with actionable next steps to keep up. Specifically, you’ll learn answers to questions like:

    • What role will the Channel influencer play?
    • Why map and personalize the Partner Journey?
    • What am I missing with funnel and pipeline management?
    • Which programs are at risk of not surviving?
    • What is my untapped competitive advantage?
    • And more!

Sign up above and find out what you should do NOW to prepare partners for marketing and selling in 2021.

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Zift Solutions is the Enterprise Channel Management leader, delivering the people, processes and technology organizations require to drive channel success. Zift boosts channel program productivity and profitability by automating and aligning marketing, sales, and operational processes. The ZiftONE platform integrates with established systems to speed time-to-sales, create an exceptional partner experience, and provide faster ROI.

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AchieveUnite Inc. is a partner performance company that offers proven Consulting services and Education programs that deliver business transformational services. Everything we do is rooted in our ground-breaking research around Partner Lifetime Value® and our Vendor Maturity Index (VMi™), which deliver measurable insights and strategies into channel success. Our education programs develop both EQ and IQ skills in channel leaders that promote the inclusion, collaboration, and strategic skills required for success in today’s world.