Partner Account Plan: Collaboratively Plan for Success

Research shows that goals are more likely to be achieved when both parties work together to agree what is required to be successful. Your channel partners, just like direct sales teams, need a common understanding of the goals and how they can be achieved.

What is a Partner Account Plan?

The business plans you make with your partners. They document the strategy and goals for the period ahead. In creating this plan together, you and your partner identify and agree on the processes and resources needed for success.

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Agreeing on your account plan is the groundwork for gaining trust. Listen to your partners to understand:

  • Overall business goals
  • Resources required to be successful
  • Obstacles that are inhibiting success
  • View of their competitive environment

Benefits of Partner Account Plans

A strong partner planning strategy leads to success for both parties. Achieving your joint revenue plan is the most obvious benefit to both parties.

  • Setting realistic joint expectations
  • Outlining all sales and marketing activities
  • Establishing KPIs to track progress
  • Clearly defined target market and lead offerings
  • Jumpstarting new partners quickly
  • Building an action plan to resolve obstacles in advance

With Zift One

You can get success planning tools that are visible to both you and your partners all year so that account planning isn’t just a once-a-year activity.

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