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When it comes to channel partner engagement, a new world order is emerging. The old “build it and they will come” methods of yesterday are no match for the competitive forces of today’s channel economy. For suppliers, it’s sink or swim. The good news is that automating your channel engagement activities is a powerful life vest.

In “How To: Supercharge Partner Engagement,” Zift throws you a line and answers the tough questions about what makes for an electric engagement experience that keeps partners coming back for more.

Get the eBook and learn:

  • How today’s channel realities have redefined engagement methods
  • How to boost partner engagement by examining trends in partner portal usage (Don’t have a partner portal? We’ll share the how, what and why to create this essential piece)
  • How to create multiple channel engagements that build loyalty while engaging partners individually
  • Why it’s critical to engage partners within the first 30 days or risk losing them as “rainmaker partners”
  • What are best practices for ongoing engagement that makes every partner interaction like a visit with an old friend
  • And more!

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