About Grupo ACI

A Leading Provider of Industrial Digitalization Solutionsin the Andean Region

Grupo ACI is made up of three companies. It is a Siemens Automation Drives and Digital Industries Software Solution Partner located in Bogota, Colombia. Its portfolio is centered around PLM and MOM software and design simulation. Grupo ACI is focused on agro-industry, food and beverage, retail, construction, transportation and automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical, mining, oil and gas, metallurgy, utilities, logging, textile, auto parts, aerospace, and metalworking sectors.

Their Challenge

Manual Processes for Email Marketing

Before they started using ZiftONE’s email marketing automation features, Grupo ACI took a very manual approach to email marketing. They were also trying to drive promotional efforts without having dedicated marketing resources.
“Before we started to work with Zift, we had to send every email individually without any sequencing,” Johanna Cruz, E-commerce Manager at Grupo ACI, said.
Not only was this time-consuming for the company, but employees of Grupo ACI weren’t able to access insights into their customer list. There was no way of knowing what exactly their customers were interested in.
Grupo ACI

Their Solution

Create a Marketing Funnel with Zift

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Grupo ACI started to embrace the ZiftONE platform as a way to connect with customers digitally.

“During the pandemic, we needed to get in contact with clients virtually,” Cruz said. “Using the prospect form on ZiftONE helped us communicate clearly with our customers when we couldn’t meet in-person.”

Grupo ACI was able to use digital materials from both Siemens’ and Zift’s email templates to build campaigns that fit their customer base. As a result, customer communication has broadened.

“We now have access to a number of new templates that we can use to create materials for our customers,” Cesar Leon, PLM Specialist, said.

Once they began sending emails through ZiftONE, Grupo ACI was able to better understand and segment their customer list and tailor their marketing approach to what people were responding to.

“The benefit of Zift is that you can create a funnel. Starting with a large database, we can filter to the people who are interested in us or the specific program we’re promoting,” Leon said. “This was the main difference for our business. If you send emails manually or with another platform, you don’t have this level of control.”

ZiftONE’s built-in dynamic list creation functionality helped the company separate people who were actually interacting with their content.

“We can now focus our list of customers and target them with different goals,” Cruz said. “We built a segmentation of our customers and now have better-focused campaigns with landing pages. Every campaign is connected to other steps and a call to action for the customers.”

Their Results

Serving Digitization At Every Level

Grupo ACI saw their relationship improve with Siemens during the pandemic by embracing the ZiftONE platform. Cruz and Leon regularly attended Partner Office Hours and Partner Webinars hosted by Siemens and Zift; these helped Grupo ACI learn how to make the most of the ZiftONE platform and achieve their goals. Grupo ACI also successfully advocated for more Spanish-language content and for more small and medium business content (SMB) from Siemens.

Because of their success with the ZiftONE platform, Cruz was able to prove that Grupo ACI could benefit from additional marketing support. This led to hiring someone to help her team.

“This tool from Siemens enables us to create our marketing plans,” Cruz said. “We are planning on using it even more in the next year.“

Grupo ACI was also able to grow its customer sales, becoming one of Siemens’ top Latin American partners.

“Zift is an important tool for us to prove our company’s vision,” Leon said. “We are now a partner that serves digitization at every level.”

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