We know a channel program is only as successful as the partners who are in it. That’s why Zift’s Channel Engagement Services are unlike any offered in the industry. Our global, multi-lingual team (we speak your partner’s language in more ways than one) are professional marketers with more than 100 years combined experience in channel partner engagement. Their focus? Creating effective, engaged and happy partners using the Zift platform and the channel services offered within.

But it’s more than just keeping partners happy through channel engagement management. We are a driven group with specific goals:

Increase Engagement

Get partners up and running quickly and successfully on the Zift platform. Onboarding is painless and allows plenty of opportunities to answer questions partners might have.

Drive Activation

Increase use of digitally integrated programs  through proven partner enablement tactics (Proven. Really.)

Build Pipeline

Beyond being sales and marketing jargon, building pipeline is what it’s all about. Active, engaged partners are successful partners if they keep filling the funnel with the good stuff.

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