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[Website] Webinar March 2018 (Supercharge Your Channel)


Supercharge Your Channel:
How to Recruit, Engage & Enable Partners

Zift Solutions Webinar Series


Amp up your channel results, revenue and ROI in just 30 minutes! Channel experts Laz Gonzalez and Cameron Avery show you how to supercharge your channel program and partners in this live webinar series focused on recruiting, engaging and enabling partners.

Learn how to:

  • RECRUIT the right partners to generate more revenue and expand your program with Laz Gonzalez, March 1 @ 1 PM ET
  • ENGAGE partners with an electric experience that keeps them coming back for more with Cameron Avery, March 15 @ 1 PM ET
  • ENABLE partners with the best strategies, tactics and tools to boost productivity and performance with Laz Gonzalez, March 29 @ 1 PM

Attendees will also receive an educational ebook after each session to further explore and refer back to the topics and tactics covered in this powerful new series.


Laz Gonzalez
Chief Strategy Officer
Zift Solutions

Cameron Avery
Senior VP,
Business Development
Zift Solutions &
Founder/CEO of Elastic Grid

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