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The market for communication technology is nearly saturated. With margins tightening and the lines between IT and Telecom increasingly blurred, the demand for flexible channel management tools has never been greater. Forward-thinking Telcos are innovating and adapting to take advantage of digital transformation across their entire partner communities. They are also choosing Zift to recruit, educate and empower partners to sell the highly complex solutions and services Telecom encompasses today, like 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and more.

Why Zift for Telecom?

Telecom covers way more than just telephones. In the same way, Zift is expanding the boundaries of traditionally siloed channel technology to cover the entire scope of Enterprise Channel Management.

What if:

It was easy to educate and enable your channel partners?

You could leverage digital technology to drive engagement and more sales?

Partners could customize and co-brand their own materials?

You could track leads, MDF and ROI with one platform?

With Zift, you can.

“Launching Zift is one more step in providing our partners with the best channel program in the industry.” – Star2Star Communications

Today's Telecom Providers Use Zift To:

Recruit & empower the right partners

Engage & enable resellers

Deliver more self-service options

(beyond spec sheets)

Create partner-first marketing

Cut costs with automation

Get a 360-degree view of your data

Follow the leads you share

Speed Time to Sales

Track and Measure ROI

You’re committed to providing your customers with the very best service. Isn’t it time to give you partners access to the very best, end-to-end channel management platform? Zift makes it easy to find and recruit the right partners, empower them with knowledge and multi-tactic marketing they can manage on their own — or get help from our channel experts and creative services team. With Zift, you have the power to provide your  partners with the most innovative and comprehensive channel management solutions available today.

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